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7th Ed. Blueprints in Pediatrics.

Marino, BS. & Fine, KS., 2019, Baltimore: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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Asian competitors: Marketing for competitiveness in the age of digital consumers

Kartajaya, H., Kotler, P. & Huan, H. D., Jan 1 2019, World Scientific Publishing Co. 325 p.

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Caring for Patients Across the Cancer Care Continuum: Essentials for Primary Care

Nekhlyudov, L., Goel, M. S., Lin, J. J., Overholser, L. & Peairs, K. S., Jan 25 2019, Springer International Publishing. 204 p.

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Continuity of Patient Care
Primary Health Care
Terminal Care

Handbook of Personality Development

McAdams, D. P., Shiner, R. L. & Tackett, J., 2019, Guilford Press. 623 p.

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How Girls Achieve

Nuamah, S. A., 2019, Harvard University Press. 216 p.

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Illuminated Paris: Essays on Art and Lighting in the Belle Époque

Clayson, S. H. & Bielstein, S. (ed.), Apr 2019, University of Chicago Press. 320 p.

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Kendig’s Disorders of the Respiratory Tract in Children, Ninth Edition

Wilmott, R., r, D., Li, A., Ratjen, F., Sly, P., Zar, H. & Bush, A., 2019, Philadelphia: Elsevier. 9 p.

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Pubertal Suppression in Transgender Youth

Finlayson, C., 2019, St. Louis: Elsevier.

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Tributes to David Freedberg: Image and Insight

Swan, C., 2019, Harvey Miller Publisher. 534 p.

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WIEN2k: An Augmented Plane Wave Plus Local Orbitals Program for Calculating Crystal Properties

Blaha, P., Schwarz, K., Madsen, G. K. H., Kvasnicka, D., Luitz, J., Laskowsk, R., Tran, F., Marks, L. & Marks, L., 2019, Techn. Universitat. 287 p.

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A Companion to Ancient Near Eastern Art

Gunter, A. C. (ed.), 2018, Wiley-Blackwell. 704 p. (Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World)

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Anti-Bacterial Agents
Access to Information
Medical Students

Asymmetry: Poems

Zagajewski, A. & Cavanagh, C. A. (Translator), 2018, Farrar Straus and Giroux. 96 p.

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Billionaires and Stealth Politics

Page, B. I., Seawright, J. W. & Lacombe, M. J., 2018, University of Chicago Press. 224 p.

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Blueprints Pediatrics, 7th Edition

Marino, BS. & Fine, KS., 2018, Philadelphia, PA, USA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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Coming Home Your Way: Understanding University Student Intercultural Reentry

Malleus, R. & Micari, M., 2018, 1 ed. Routledge. 136 p.

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Covering Congress

Dennis, E., May 4 2018, Taylor and Francis. 170 p.

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media relations
communication policy
electronic media
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Creep and hygrothermal effects in concrete structures

Bazant, Z. P. & Jirásek, M., Jan 1 2018, 921 p. (Solid Mechanics and its Applications)

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Concrete construction

Criminological controversies: A methodological primer

Hagan, J., Gillis, A. R. & Brownfield, D., Jan 1 2018, Taylor and Francis. 202 p.

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peer group

Democratizing the European union: Issues for the twenty-first century

Dennis, E. E. & Snyder, R. W., Feb 6 2018, Taylor and Francis. 170 p.

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twenty-first century
monetary union
New Labour
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Lie Detection
Eye Movements
Evoked Potentials

Ecologies, Agents, Terrains

Heuer, C. P. & Zorach, R. E., 2018, Clark Art Institute . 334 p. (Clark Studies in the Visual Arts)

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Comfort Women
Second World War
Performance Practice
Korean Women

Engaging Faith Based Communities with Health Research: Pastors4PCOR Research Ministry Ambassador Facilitator Manual

TRCDO Pastors4PCOR, Davis, P., Johnson, R. E. & Ingram, D., 2018, Kindle ed. 449 p.

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Family communication: Cohesion and change, tenth edition

Galvin, K. M., Braithwaite, D. O., Schrodt, P. & Bylund, C. L., Jan 1 2018, Taylor and Francis. 490 p.

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ethnic structure
interaction pattern
communication theory
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Fundamentals of solid state engineering

Razeghi, M., Aug 21 2018, Springer International Publishing. 689 p.

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Energy harvesting
electrical engineering
solid state

Image, Imagination, and Cognition: Medieval and Early Modern Theory and Practice

Luthy, C. (ed.), Swan, C. (ed.), Bakker, P. J. J. M. (ed.) & Zittel, C. (ed.), 2018, Brill Academic Publishers. 324 p. (Intersections: Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture; vol. 55)

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Journalism, Satire, and Censorship in Mexico

Gillingham, P. J., Lettieri, M. & Smith, B. T., 2018, University of New Mexico Press. 416 p.

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Mary is a River

Webster, R. J., 2018, Kelsay Books. 88 p.

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Miroirs de Charles IX: Images, imaginaires, symbolique

Capodieci, L., Leutrat, E., Zorach, R. E. & Morvan, Y., 2018, Librairie Droz SA. 288 p. (Travaux d'Humanisme et Renaissance)

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Open TV: Innovation beyond Hollywood and the Rise of Web Television

Jean, A. C., 2018, NYU Press. 320 p. (Postmillennial Pop)

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Operative standards for cancer surgery: Esophagus, melanoma, rectum, stomach, thyroid

Hunt, K. K., Katz, M. H. G., Veeramachaneni, N., Grubbs, E. G., Wang, T. S., Kanf, J. M., Fields, R. C., Maithee, S. K., Chang, G. J., Halverson, A. L., Reddy, R. M., Martin, L. W. & Francfsatti, A. B., Jan 1 2018, Wolters Kluwer Health. 352 p.

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Esophageal Neoplasms
Thyroid Gland

Patterson's Allergic Diseases. 8th Edition.

Grammer, L. & Greenberger, P., 2018, Chicago: Wolter Kluwer.

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Portraits in the Andes: Photography and Agency, 1900-1950

Coronado, J. F., 2018, University of Pittsburgh Press. 240 p. (Pitt Illuminations)

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Post-Fascist Japan: Political Culture in Kamakura after the Second World War

Hein, L. E., 2018, Bloomsbury Academic. 272 p. (SOAS Studies in Modern and Contemporary Japan)

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Handheld Computers
Physician Assistants

Proceedings of the International Conference on Martensitic Transformations: Chicago

Stebner, A. P. (ed.) & Olson, G. B. (ed.), 2018, 1 ed. Springer International Publishing. 306 p. (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series)

Research output: Book/ReportBook

Re-Assessing the Global Turn in Medieval Art History

Normore, C. E. (ed.) & Symes, C. (ed.), 2018, Arc Humanities Press. 260 p. (Medieval Globe Books; vol. 3)

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