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Quantifying the field effect of carcinogenesis with low-coherence enhanced backscattering spectroscopy (LEBS)

Vladimir, T., Kim, Y. L., Pradhan, P., Roy, H. K., Brand, R. E., Hoogheem, J. L., Jung, M. J., Jameel, M., Hasabou, N. & Backman, V., Dec 1 2008.

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Single-cell partial wave spectroscopic microscopy

Subramanian, H., Pradhan, P., Kunte, D., Deep, N., Roy, H. & Backman, V., Dec 1 2008.

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Microscopic examination
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engineering science

The role of light scattering spectroscopy in spectral diagnosis of disease

Feld, M. S., Lau, C., Scepanovic, O., McGee, S., Mircovic, J., Yu, C. C., Fulghum, S., Tunnell, J., Backman, V., Georgakoudi, I. & Bechtel, K., Dec 1 2008.

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Light scattering
light scattering
blood vessels
Blood vessels

Timelike formfactors of pion, kaon, and proton at large momentum transfers

Seth, K. K., Dec 1 2008.

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momentum transfer
Momentum transfer
future prospect
form factors
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A gentle introduction to bilateral filtering and its applications

Paris, S., Kornprobst, P., Tumblin, J. & Durand, F., Dec 1 2007.

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Computer graphics

A method for quantifying relative interfacial shear stress in MWNT/polymer composites

Duncan, R. K., Schadler, L. S., Andrews, R., Brinson, L. C., Chen, X. & Beyerlein, I., Sep 28 2007, p. 2181-2185. 5 p.

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Carbon Nanotubes
Shear stress
Aspect ratio

A Peer Led Team Learning Program For Freshmen Engineering Students: Impact on Retention

Pazos, P., Drane, D. L., Light, G. & Munkeby, A., 2007, p. 12.87.1-12.87.12. 12 p.

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academic success
academic achievement

Development of highly selective oxidation catalysts by atomic layer deposition

Elam, J. W., Pellin, M. J., Curtiss, L. A., Wang, H. H., Krumdick, G. K., Libera, J. A., Zajac, G. W., Cohen, S. A. & Stair, P., Dec 1 2007.

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Atomic layer deposition

Effects of metal seed atoms on the electronic properties of self-assembled semiconductor nanowires

Perea, D. E., Hemesath, E. R., Falk, J. L., Allen, J. E. & Lauhon, L. J., Dec 1 2007, p. 14-17. 4 p.

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Electronic properties
Semiconductor materials

Instrumentation for longitudinal beam gymnastics in FEL's and at the CLIC Test Facility 3

Lefèvre, T., Braun, H. H., Bravin, E., Burger, S., Corsini, R., Döbert, S., Søby, L., Tecker, F., Urschütz, P., Welsch, C. P., Alesini, D., Biscari, C., Buonomo, B., Coiro, O., Ghigo, A., Marcellini, F., Preger, B., Dabrowski, A., Velasco, M., Craievich, P. & 3 othersFerianis, M., Veronese, M. & Ferrari, A., Dec 1 2007, p. 215-217. 3 p.

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physical exercise
test facilities
free electron lasers
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Spatial random partition for common visual pattern discovery

Yuan, J. & Wu, Y., Dec 1 2007.

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Image matching
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Table-top computed lighting for practical digital photography

Mohan, A., Tumblin, J., Bodenheimer, B., Grimm, C. & Bailey, R., Dec 1 2007.

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Photographic equipment
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TagAssist: Automatic tag suggestion for blog posts

Sood, S. C., Hammond, K. J., Sood, S. O. & Birnbaum, L. A., Dec 1 2007.

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Variational posterior distribution approximation in Bayesian emission tomography reconstruction using a gamma mixture prior

Molina, R., López, A., Martin, J. M. & Katsaggelos, A. K., Dec 1 2007, p. 165-173. 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper

Positron emission tomography

Vector precoding in wireless communications: A replica symmetric analysis

Müller, R. R., Guo, D. & Moustakas, A. L., Jan 1 2007.

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wireless communication
antenna arrays

What Did They Read: The Shtetl and Its Hasidic Books

Petrovsky-Shtern, Y., Nov 22 2007.

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Carbon dioxide separation with novel microporous metal organic frameworks

Matzger, A. J., Walton, K. S., Dubbeldam, D., Snurr, R. Q., Benin, A. I., Bedard, R. L., Low, J. J. & Willis, R. R., Jan 1 2006.

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper

Carbon dioxide

El proyecto de seguridad del tráfico “madrina-padrino:” Un enfoque cultural competente para mejorar la seguridad del tráfico entre conductores

Sanchez, C. M., Arrom, J. O., Pelaez, L., Ramos, C. & Giachello, A. L., Jan 1 2006.

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Experimental and numerical analysis of the buckling and post-buckling phenomenon in the Yoshida test

Cheng, H. S., Cao, J. & Wang, H. P., Nov 28 2006.

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Numerical analysis
Metal forming
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FA-STAC: A framework for fast and accurate static timing analysis with coupling

Das, D., Shebaita, A., Zhou, H., Ismail, Y. & Killpack, K., Dec 1 2006, p. 43-49. 7 p.

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From combinatorics to ergodic theory and back again

Kra, B. R., Dec 1 2006, p. 57-76. 20 p.

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Ergodic Theory
Ergodic Averages
Arithmetic sequence
Nilpotent Group

Melting behavior of DNA-linked polymers

Kudlay, A. & Schatz, G. C., Dec 1 2006, p. 263-271. 9 p.

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Phase separation
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Reducing tile complexity for self-assembly through temperature programming

Kao, M-Y. & Schweller, R., Feb 28 2006, p. 571-580. 10 p.

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Self assembly

Regenerative chatter in high-speed tandem rolling mills

Huyue, Z. & Ehmann, K., Nov 28 2006.

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Rolling mills
Differential equations
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Semi-supervised text classification: Partial training from unlabeled data

Bi, Y., Jeske, D. R. & Liu, R. Y., Dec 1 2006.

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The interactions of surface damage and RF cavity operation

Norem, J., Hassanein, A., Insepov, Z., Moretti, A., Qian, Z., Bross, A., Torun, Y., Rimmer, R., Li, D., Zisman, M., Seidman, D. N. & Yoon, K. E., Jan 1 2006, p. 1361-1363. 3 p.

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Thriving at the Crossroads

Sellberg, R., May 11 2006.

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Through a glass, darkly: The media in 2010

Youngman, O. R., Apr 7 2006.

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Towards scheduling virtual machines based on direct user input

Lin, B. & Dinda, P. A., Dec 1 2006.

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Program processors
Display devices
Virtual machine

Two Subalterns in an Imperial Context: The 1907 Ukrainian-Jewish electoral coalition

Petrovsky-Shtern, Y. & Shanes, J., May 24 2006.

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Fiber Bragg gratings
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Analogical learning of visual/conceptual relationships in sketches

Forbus, K. D., Usher, J. & Tomai, E., Dec 1 2005, p. 202-208. 7 p.

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Cognitive systems

Analogy, intelligent IR, and knowledge integration for intelligence analysis

Birnbaum, L. A., Forbus, K. D., Wagner, E., Baker, J. & Witbrock, M., Dec 1 2005, p. 32-37. 6 p.

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Analysis of strategic knowledge in back of the envelope reasoning

Paritosh, P. K. & Forbus, K. D., Dec 1 2005, p. 651-656. 6 p.

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Hot Temperature
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Characterizing and predicting tcp throughput on the wide area network

Lu, D., Qiao, Y., Dinda, P. A. & Bustamante, F. E., Jan 1 2005, p. 414-424. 11 p.

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Wide area networks

Design and fabrication of segmented-in-series cells

Lai, T. S., Pillai, M., Kim, I., Jiang, Y., McDonald, N., Mansourian, N., Gostovic, D. & Barnett, S. A., Dec 1 2005, p. 333-343. 11 p.

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)
Acoustic impedance

Detector concepts

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