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A five-level classification system for proteoform identifications

Smith, L. M., Thomas, P. M., Shortreed, M. R., Schaffer, L. V., Fellers, R. T., LeDuc, R. D., Tucholski, T., Ge, Y., Agar, J. N., Anderson, L. C., Chamot-Rooke, J., Gault, J., Loo, J. A., Paša-Tolić, L., Robinson, C. V., Schlüter, H., Tsybin, Y. O., Vilaseca, M., Vizcaíno, J. A., Danis, P. O. & 1 others, Kelleher, N. L., Oct 1 2019, In : Nature Methods. 16, 10, p. 939-940 2 p.

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Reply to: Uveal melanoma cells are resistant to EZH2 inhibition regardless of BAP1 status

LaFave, L. M., Béguelin, W., Koche, R., Teater, M., Spitzer, B., Chramiec, A., Papalexi, E., Keller, M. D., Hricik, T., Konstantinoff, K., Micol, J. B., Durham, B., Knutson, S. K., Campbell, J. E., Blum, G., Shi, X., Doud, E. H., Krivtsov, A. V., Chung, Y. R., Khodos, I. & 11 others, De Stanchina, E., Ouerfelli, O., Adusumilli, P. S., Thomas, P. M., Kelleher, N. L., Luo, M., Keilhack, H., Abdel-Wahab, O., Melnick, A., Armstrong, S. A. & Levine, R. L., Jun 7 2016, In : Nature Medicine. 22, 6, p. 578-579 2 p.

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Is gene expression in Halobacterium NRC-1 regulated by multiple TBP and TFB transcription factors?

Baliga, N. S., Goo, Y. A., Ng, W. V., Hood, L., Daniels, C. J. & DasSarma, S., Jun 15 2000, In : Molecular Microbiology. 36, 5, p. 1184-1185 2 p.

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