1st COFI Workshop on the Intersection Between Dark Matter and Neutrinos

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“Colegio de Física Fundamental e Interdisciplinaria de las Américas (COFI)” in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico will hold a two-day workshop in the Dec. of 2019 or Jan. 2020 to discuss the challenges of research at the intersection between dark matter and non-accelerator base neutrino physics -- topics at the forefront of several fields. The nature of this research requires an interdisciplinary approach involving novel instrumentation and analysis, theoretical development and inputs from particle, nuclear and atomic physics, astrophysics, cosmology, and computational science. The objective of the workshop is to bring these groups together -- not only to discuss current results and ongoing research, but also to develop a long-term collaboration scheme to advance further the interdisciplinary nature of this area and on how to train the next generation to work across fields from the very beginning. Details of the issues to be address are discussed in Appendix A. More than 20 talks are foreseen. We anticipate about 30 attenders.
Effective start/end date2/1/201/31/22


  • National Science Foundation (PHY-2004425)


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