2nd COFI Workshop on Gravitational Waves

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This proposal requests NSF funding to support speakers for the COFI International Workshop on Gravitational Waves to be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico in August of 2018. This conference will attend to the need to expose a large underrepresented minority community to this important topic. The PI will be the main organizer of the conference, assisted by scientists involved in the development of the "Colegio de Fisica Fundamental e Interdisciplinaria de las Americas (COFI)" based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and announced nationwide using tools available to the astronomical and physics communities. This is the second conference in this series. Our goal is to introduce our, mostly Latino, colleagues to the experts in a broad number of fields in physics and astronomy. With this proposal, we ask for funding to specifically target female, under-represented minority and young scientists to speak at this meeting.
Effective start/end date8/15/187/31/19


  • National Science Foundation (PHY-1834816)


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