7th Intern Conf on AD and Related Disorders in the Middle East

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There is limited awareness concerning geriatric neurology and Alzheimer’s and related disorders in the Middle East and there has been relatively limited investigation of dementia in this region. As a result, the overwhelming majority of patients who suffer from dementia in the Middle East receive no medical attention. Furthermore, the Middle Eastern populations present with unique features, such as high rate of consanguinity and smoking, valuable in investigations of dementia. The proposed conference will increase awareness concerning Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders in the Middle East, will help establish networks for collaboration and information flow on this topic in the region and will promote and strengthen cross-cultural and cross-national collaborative efforts and investigations, involving links between health workers and researchers in the Middle Eastern countries on the one hand and between these individuals and their counterparts in the US, Canada and Europe on the other.
Effective start/end date9/15/168/31/17


  • National Institute on Aging (1R13AG055285-01)


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