A Community-Developed, Culturally-Based PC Consult Program Delivered via Tele-health for African American and White Rural Southern Elders with Life Limiting Illness

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Dr. Joshua Hauser will serve as the palliative care (PC) consultant for study patients in the Aiken Regional Hospital, Aiken SC, conducting palliative care consults with the patients identified by the study coordinator and for whom there is an order for a palliative care consult by the treating clinician, followed by recording recommendations in the patient’s chart. He will also be the study’s physician liaison to the hospital and together with the PI (Dr. Elk), will meet prior to study start with the hospital treating clinicians to explain palliative care and this study’s goals and methods. He will meet with hospital staff annually in person and will participate in regular team meetings (remotely) and participate in all Community Advisory Group meetings (remotely - quarterly.) In addition to this, at study start, Dr. Hauser will be responsible, together with Dr. Elk and the Community Advisory Group (CAG), for training the other two palliative care physicians in the Community-Driven Culturally-Based Palliative Care consult component, which he has been instrumental in developing. Finally, he will also serve as the Palliative Care physician to whom the other two Palliative Care physicians can turn with questions.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/22


  • University of Alabama at Birmingham (000521619-SC001//5R01NR017181-03)
  • National Institute of Nursing Research (000521619-SC001//5R01NR017181-03)


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