A Cross-Sectional Study Approach to Understanding Information Needs in Genomic Medicine

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    The Human Genome Project, increased use of personalized medicine, and a strong focus toward a
    translational approach to medicine have inspired a paradigm shift across multiple communities in
    the academic medical research setting in terms of research efforts and techniques, by how
    diagnosis and treatment options are considered and applied in the clinical environment, and how
    patients are engaged and educated about the relationship of genes and disease. In in-depth
    investigation in this area is warranted, given the quickly changing information landscape related to
    genomic medicine. This work proposes to carry out a cross sectional study to understand
    information needs in the academic medical environment through a survey-based needs assessment
    and focus groups, comparison of findings across populations, development of a model for
    supporting the identified needs, and broad dissemination of the research findings. The library is
    particularly well-poised to carry out the proposed work; the primary mission of medical libraries is
    to provide information resources and technology in support of educational, research, and patient
    care objectives. Given the rapidly changing landscape of clinical medicine in the genomic age, it is
    imperative that libraries understand the evolving information needs of the clinical community to
    continue to successfully meet those requirements.
    Effective start/end date5/1/1411/30/16


    • Medical Library Association (Award Letter 4/8/14)

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