A Federated COVID-Rich ICU Database

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The COVID-19 pandemic has inundated ICUs everywhere, and has challenged clinicians to develop new therapeutic strategies for this novel disease that behaves differently from the usual array of bacterial and viral pneumonias and sepsis. There is clearly a need for an archive of current high resolution ICU data from multiple institutions that is widely accessible to the world-wide research community to support observational research. We propose to begin the process by federating ICU data from Northwestern Memorial HealthCare (NMHC) and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). We estimate that there will be approximately a total of 10,000 ICU admissions for 2020, with 800 – 900 COVID patients depending on future surges in the Boston and Chicago communities.* The de-identified and standardized database will be made freely available to credentialed investigators via PhysioNet in a manner similar to the widely used MIMIC databases.
Effective start/end date9/30/209/28/23


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (S5207, PO#584331//75N97020C00013)
  • National Library of Medicine (S5207, PO#584331//75N97020C00013)


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