A New Japanese Studies Program for a New Century

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Northwestern University requests funds to support its new integrated Japanese Studies program, which connects rigorous Japanese language study with innovative student and faculty research in Japanese literary and visual culture. Institutional Support Program funds will support creation of a new tenure-track position in Japanese media and performance cultures; enhance ongoing development of an undergraduate Japanese studies curriculum which integrates classroom experiences with internships and research study abroad; make possible an annual colloquium in the study and practice of Japanese translation; and increase library acquisitions to support Northwestern’s rapidly growing research and curricular needs in Japanese studies. The search to fill the tenure-track position will occur Fall 2015-Winter 2016, with the new hire to start in July or September of 2016. Support to develop an integrated Japanese studies curriculum would address three major needs: professional development for teaching-track faculty to create internship opportunities and bridge courses which allow students to use original Japanese-language materials to pursue in-depth studies of topics in Japanese culture (e.g., sumo, cinema, manga), the creation of an annual summer field research trip to Japan linked to these new Japanese studies courses, and travel and research funds for faculty to prepare the materials and institutional relationships necessary for these integrated Japanese studies programs. The summer colloquia in the study and practice of translation will occur in the summers of 2016-2018. Library acquisitions will be ongoing throughout the grant period.
Effective start/end date8/1/159/30/16


  • Japan Foundation (27-10097687)


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