A Phase 2 Open-label, Prospective, Randomized Study of Inebilizumab, VIB4920, or the Combination to Evaluate Safety and Tolerability in highly sensitized candidates awaiting kidney transplantation from a deceased donor

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The Transplant Immunology Laboratory at Northwestern University, under the direction of Anat Tambur, will serve as a blinded central laboratory for the analysis of anti-HLA samples collected in Viela Bio Clinical Study VIB0551.P2.S1.KT (“Study Protocol”). The project is comprised of testing human clinical samples obtained at screening (both prestudy “legacy” and screening samples) and during study conduct by flow PRA and single antigen bead analysis, followed by calculation of cPRA based on predefined criteria.
Effective start/end date12/13/196/30/23


  • Viela Bio, Inc (Agmt 12/13/19)


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