A Pilot Study Assessing the Impact of Quality Metric-Based and Video-Based Feedback on Colonoscopy Quality in Lower Volume and Rural Surgeons and Gastroenterologists.

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This application proposes a feasibility study to recruit lower volume endoscopists including rural surgeons and gastroenterologists associated with the Northwestern Medicine, a large healthcare system including 10 hospitals of various types, to assess the effectiveness of two different types of colonoscopy QI interventions: (1) “basic” feedback consisting of a standardized report of colonoscopy quality metrics (e.g., ADR, withdrawal time, colonoscopy completion rates, bowel preparation quality) obtained through data abstraction from procedure and pathology reports, and (2) individualized expert technical skills evaluation and “video” feedback for specific colonoscopy skills from video recorded procedures (i.e., examining behind colon folds, distention of the colon, cleansing of the colon, total examination time) with relevant online educational modules addressing each endoscopist’s specific technical skill deficiencies. We will evaluate and compare the effectiveness of each intervention to improve colonoscopy quality by comparing pre-post video-based colonoscopy technical skill scores.
Effective start/end date1/31/213/31/23


  • Boston Scientific Corporation (Agmt# 02/27/21)