ACCC Comprehensive Cancer Care Survey

Project: Research project

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Project Tasks, Activities, and Responsibilities

ACCC Role and Responsibilities
• ACCC will take the responsibility for overall program management, communications and logistical management of this project (including project status calls)
• ACCC will collaborate with Northwestern to draft survey questions
• ACCC will program survey into survey tool
• ACCC will recruit and conduct cognitive interviews with ACCC members
• ACCC will acknowledge Northwestern as a partner/contributor with logo and acknowledgement on the Comprehensive Cancer Care Survey project webpage
• ACCC will take the lead on all survey dissemination
• ACCC will collect and analyze survey findings in collaboration with Northwestern team
• ACCC will coordinate manuscript draft and submission with Northwestern
Northwestern/Elizabeth Hahn Role and Responsibilities
• NORTHWESTERN will collaborate on overall survey design, concordance with stated objectives, and inform appropriateness of selected sample set of ACCC members
• NORTHWESTERN will contribute draft survey questions to ACCC
• NORTHWESTERN will collaborate and assist in development and analysis of cognitive interviews with ACCC to finalize the survey set
• NORTHWESTERN will collaborate with ACCC to identify and highlight key trends and findings
• NORTHWESTERN will significantly contribute to draft manuscript intended for publication
Effective start/end date4/1/196/30/20


  • Association of Community Cancer Centers (AGMT 8/8/19)


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