Accelerating Colorectal Cancer Screening and Follow-up through Implementation Science in Chicago (ACCSIS-Chicago)

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Dr. Leibovitz will served as the Bioinformatics IT Lead and is a leader in medical informatics and electronic health records (EHR) based clinical decision support in the ambulatory setting, and is committed to the design and implementation of EHR-based interventions to improve rates of health screenings, vaccination, and chronic disease management. He will work across our partner health systems to design, redesign and implement EMR-related systems to enhance screening and capture data. His experience and working relationships with our proposed partners will be a tremendous asset to our proposal. In addition, he has worked across the various electronic health systems that will be modified to enhance provider reminder and feedback systems for positive FIT/FOBT follow up for this ACCSIS-Chicago study.
Effective start/end date9/21/198/31/23


  • The University of Chicago (AWD069107-01-PR (SUB00000212)Amd3//5UH3CA233229-05)
  • National Cancer Institute (AWD069107-01-PR (SUB00000212)Amd3//5UH3CA233229-05)


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