Adapting Colorectal Cancer Screening Education Material for Two-Spirit, LGBTQIA, and Urban Native Americans

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For this project, the team at Northwestern University will: • Provide support in drafting and developing discussion guides for roundtable sessions, as requested. • Transcribe audio recordings from all roundtable sessions. • Identify, engage, and hire Student Consultants to support all qualitative data activities. • Review, code, and analyze all transcripts in partnership with Dr. Haring and Student Consultants. • Provide supervision and mentorship in qualitative data analysis, research dissemination, and core tenets of research ethics and conduct to Student Consultants. • Participate in team meetings, as necessary. • Contribute to dissemination activities.
Effective start/end date5/1/214/30/22


  • Health Research, Incorporated (3P30CA016056-44S3 // 3P30CA016056-44S3)
  • National Cancer Institute (3P30CA016056-44S3 // 3P30CA016056-44S3)


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