Additive Manufacturing of Thermoelectric Materials

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This project is developing a 3D ink-extrusion technique for printing half-Heusler thermoelectric materials using a low-cost 3D printer. This approach suspends metallic powder precursors in a viscous polymer solution to print continuous struts forming microlattice structures. A subsequent heat treatment step vaporizes the remaining polymer and binder while simultaneously densifying the powders. Afterwards, the printed part is infiltrated with a liquid metal precursor to form the desired NiTiSn thermoelectric phase.
Effective start/end date10/18/212/28/22


  • Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC, Idaho National Laboratory (No. 258628 AMND NO. 2//DE-AC07-05ID14517)
  • Department of Energy (No. 258628 AMND NO. 2//DE-AC07-05ID14517)


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