Adjunct Vitamin D as a Means to Reduce the Disparity in Subclinical Target Organ Cardiac Damage Among Vulnerable Hypertensive Patients

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3T cardiac MRI images will be transferred electronically or via DVD to Northwestern University department of radiology as part of the NIH-sponsored study to evaluate the efficacy of adjunct vitamin D therapy in vitamin D deficient patients with hypertension. Images will be load to an independent 3D image post processing workstation for analysis. Cine images will undergo left ventricular volumetric analysis by a single observer using the Argus post processing software. Ejection fraction, end systolic volume, end diastolic volume, stroke volume, cardiac output and myocardial mass will be measured and calculated. Delayed enhanced images, where available, will also be analyzed using a scar quantification tool and the scar volume and mass will be measured. A subset of data will be re-measured for the purposes of calculating intra-observer variability. All data will be stored deidentified in a database and sent electronically to the primary site.
Effective start/end date12/1/1311/30/14


  • Wayne State University (WSU14035//5R01MD005849)
  • National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (WSU14035//5R01MD005849)


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