Advanced Materials for Energy-Water Systems (AMEWS)

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Scientific Mission
Energy and water flows are intimately interconnected; water is critical for producing energy, and energy is required to treat and distribute water. Efficient and effective removal of toxins, microorganisms, petrochemicals, and other non-ionic species from process streams and prevention of foulant deposition on process equipment remain a daunting challenge and will be central to future thriving national energy and industrial sectors and for water reuse. The mission of the AMEWS Center is to understand and design water-solid interfaces to enable future advances in materials for efficient water treatment. Our four-year integrated scientific goals to achieve this mission include:
• Design and synthesize responsive interfaces to selectively and reversibly adsorb specific components from a complex aqueous fluid
• Decipher and harness the interplay between confinement and charge on catalytic reactivity at water-solid interfaces
• Predictively describe the transport of water, aqueous solutions, and charged species across multiple time and length
Effective start/end date11/20/187/31/22


  • UChicago Argonne, LLC, Argonne National Laboratory (Agmt 03/14/19 // 8J-30009-0008C)
  • Department of Energy (Agmt 03/14/19 // 8J-30009-0008C)

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