Advanced State Specific Design Parameters for Randomized Field Experiments

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Northwestern staff will assist in the negotiations to obtain and license state longitudinal datasets from 7 states. They will assist in cleaning the obtained datasets and constructing flat file longitudinal datasets suitable for statistical analysis. They will assist in data analyses and in checking final analyses used for results. They will also develop tabular presentations suitable for publications and web posting. They will prepare manuscripts based on this research suitable for publication in scholarly journals and manage the publication process. They will also prepare text and tabular information for posting on websites to disseminate findings. They will also prepare materials and make presentations at training sessions with state research personnel on the methods used in this project that are designed to train state personnel to use the methods we employed.
Effective start/end date9/1/148/31/17


  • University of Chicago, National Opinion Research Center (5898-NU-02 // R305D140019)
  • Institute of Education Sciences (5898-NU-02 // R305D140019)


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