Advancing and Scaling Science Education's New Terrain (ASSENT): Developing Systemic Leadership in Connecticut

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Northwestern University will lead the Next Generation Curriculum Resources strand of work of the ASSENT Project. In particular Northwestern University will lead the following activities: 1. Develop an architecture for a digital library to share storylines, associated lesson plans, student materials, and embedded video clips to support teacher learning. The architecture will be designed and pilot tested with users for feedback. 2. Lead the development of educative curriculum materials based on a sample of New Terrain Next Generation storylines developed in prior work. The curriculum materials will be placed in the digital library for sharing with Connecticut teachers. 3. Pilot test the usability of the digital library for Next Generation Curriculum Resources to inform its design. 4. Collaborate with the NGSX Clark and Tidemark staff to develop facilitator guidance for the NGSX unit on curriculum design and adaptation.
Effective start/end date3/1/169/30/17


  • Connecticut Science Center (Agmt 5/2/16// 648-100 12060-21592-2)
  • Department of Education (Agmt 5/2/16// 648-100 12060-21592-2)


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