Age Friendly Chicago - Alzheimer’s Disease Program Initiative

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Our three year evaluation plan is designed to determine the effectiveness and impact of the project goals proposed, at both the systems development and consumer (service provision) level. Measurable outcomes will include measuring changes in dementia capability over time; measuring participant experience of proposed programs; measuring increased awareness amongst BOMA and DFSS employees of the issues facing those living alone with ADRD and those living with IDD and ADRD (and their caregivers); change in quality of life of persons with ADRD living alone with dementia and those living with IDD and ADRD (and their caregivers); change in stress and/or burden of the caregiver, change in caregiver efficacy, a change in the responsiveness of BOMA and DFSS regarding service delivery and awareness of unmet service needs.
Effective start/end date6/1/195/31/23


  • Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (Invoice 2/26/21)
  • Administration for Community Living (Invoice 2/26/21)


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