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The purpose of this Agreement is to provide protocol specific funding for ACTG protocol-related costs that the CRS incurs during the Period of Performance. The CRS Principal Investigator shall direct the portion of the Project funded under this Agreement in accordance with the appropriate ACTG protocols, and shall be responsible to BWH for proper management, conduct, and reporting of the work including the technical, scientific and programmatic performance of the services. The CRS is an active member institution in the ACTG Network taking part in ongoing ACTG protocols. The CRS has been approved to carry out certain protocols by the respective protocol team(s), ACTG Scientific Steering Committee and the ACTG Executive Committee, with oversight from the Division of AIDS at the NIH and its respective Clinical Trials Unit institution. The CRS shall provide all the necessary qualified personnel, equipment, materials and facilities to accomplish the work described in the appropriate ACTG protocol. For each clinical trial performed, the CRS agrees to assume all responsibility to treat and follow research participants according to the approved IRB, ACTG Network protocols and all applicable U.S. federal regulations, including but not limited to HIPAA, and all applicable regulations concerning the human subject research in the country where the human subject research is being performed.
Effective start/end date1/1/141/31/20


  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital (110209 // UM1AI068636)
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (110209 // UM1AI068636)


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