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As ARTS Chair, Dr. Taiwo will: 1. Oversee the major responsibilities of the ARTS Subcommittee including: (1) the development and implementation of protocols, (2) conduct of scientific reviews of concept proposals, (3) referring the best concepts for review and approval by the SASC, and (4) identifying potential candidates for protocols teams 2. Serve as a member of the SASC, representing the ARTS Subcommittee 3. Lead ARTS Subcommittee teleconferences and meetings. 4. Monitors protocol development, implementation, and publication in collaboration with the TSG and SASC for studies under the ARTS Subcommittee 5. Report to the HIV Reservoirs and Viral Eradication TSG 6. Review all final manuscript drafts from the ARTS Subcommittee protocols, New Work Concept Sheets and Data Analysis Concept Sheets prior to journal submission 7. Prepare the ARTS Subcommittee annual report 8. Work with Network Coordinating Center staff to write letters for items reviewed on TSG calls and other correspondence related to the functioning of the TSG He will also participate in: • 7 conference calls per month – 1 ARTS Subcommittee, 2 TSG, 2 Steering Subcommittee, 2 Scientific Agenda Steering Committee (SASC) • Annual ACTG network meeting, scientific retreat, and SASC retreat • Other ad hoc meetings and calls as needed
Effective start/end date12/1/1411/30/16


  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital (110009/5UM1AI068636-10 // 110009/5UM1AI068636-10)
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (110009/5UM1AI068636-10 // 110009/5UM1AI068636-10)


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