Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship for Prof James Rondinelli in Physics

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My goal is to understand and re-imagine how we can direct the electronic properties of transition metal oxides (TMOs) by controlling atomic-scale structure. To do this, I calculate the properties of materials, whether previously synthesized or yet to be realized, using ab initio electronic structure, representation theory, and informatics methods. My passion is to manipulate materials at the fundamental electronic level to build new functionality and novel states into TMOs. I am pioneering the concept of structure-driven properties to overcome materials disparities and address the grand challenges in condensed matter physics given below in bold. My significant contributions to date include: 1- Understand and control the properties of matter emerging from complex correlations of atomic and electronic constituents 2- Design new forms of matter with tailored atomic-level properties for energy-efficient and information sciences. 3- Intersecting condensed matter physics with ultrafast light science for control over quantum materials.
Effective start/end date9/15/169/14/20


  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (FG-2016-6469)


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