Aligning Dosimetry and Biomarkers of Lung Injury with Prophylaxis and Mitigation of Damage from Radionuclides and Metals

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Lung health is of the crucial interest to the department of defense, especially as it applies to lung response to inhalation exposure to radioactive and heavy metal particulates. This collaborative proposal addresses four topic areas of the FY20 PRMRP: Pulmonary Fibrosis; Respiratory Health; Metals Toxicology and Sustained Release Drug Delivery through a synergistic approach combining 4 project Thrust Areas and 3 Core Facilities from 6 different institutions. Overall this project will evaluate (i) pathobiology and molecular mechanisms underlying acute lung disease and fibrotic changes affecting field deployed military or military responders; (ii) development of methods ranging from dosimetry to evaluation of biomarkers for assessing lung injury and predicting its short term and long term course; (iii) assessing novel/innovative chelator and decorporation agent treatments to delay or modify acute lung injury or progression of pulmonary fibrosis; (iv) identification and validation of biomarkers and risks associated with inhalation exposures to heavy metal particulates; (v) development of approaches to reduce the long-term effects of exposure of lungs to micro/airborne /aerosolized or non-removable embedded toxic metals; (vi) development of technology platforms or formulations for long-term sustained-release delivery of drugs suitable for pre-exposure prophylaxis or mitigation of lung injury.
Effective start/end date9/30/219/29/25


  • U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (W81XWH2110984)


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