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Dr. Laura Germaine (TestMyBrain) has developed three web-based measures of RDoC constructs to be assessed within All of Us: the Face Emotion Identification Test (2.6 minutes), the Probabilistic Reward Task (9.5 minutes) and the Gradual Onset Continuous Performance Task (6.9 minutes). Northwestern University will work with Dr. Germaine and Sage Bionetworks to 1) implement these measures within the Mobile Toolbox (MTB) application; and 2) validate the MTB versions of the measures. Dr. Germaine will provide her knowledge and expertise throughout the implementation and validation process. Northwestern University will collaborate with Dr. Germaine to convert the current measures’ specifications into detailed MTB scientific and technical specifications. Northwestern University developers will utilize the specifications to create MTB compliant measures for use on both Android and iOS devices, and conduct QA procedures in preparation for their use. Sage will provide Northwestern University with any updates to the interface specifications as the app and measures are continuously developed. Northwestern University will conduct a validation study of the MTB versions of these measures. This study will evaluate construct validity of the measures and will also examine potential validity issues across platforms (iOS and Android), noting that in particular for Android devices there are significant hardware differences (e.g., some Androids have a perceptible delay between button presses). For the validation study, we will use a market research firm to recruit and assess a total of 300 participants for platform and age stratification (150 iOS and 150 Android). All participants will use their own smartphones to take the MTB assessments. Validation will include an initial in-person assessment during which the participant takes each of the three measures along with “gold standard” in-person measures. Participants will then be asked to complete the battery of MTB measures at home the following day, and then a third time on their smart phone two weeks later as an assessment of test-retest reliability. Following validation study completion, Northwestern University will analyze the data and provide a written summary of the results.
Effective start/end date5/10/215/9/23


  • Vibrent Health (AGMT - 09/24/2021//3OT2OD030043-01S4)
  • Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health (AGMT - 09/24/2021//3OT2OD030043-01S4)


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