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David Liss, PhD will work with AllianceChicago’s Research, Data, Innovations, and Informatics Teams to advance health equity through research and evaluation. Dr. Liss will work on projects to support and evaluate new models of team-based, high-value primary care delivery at Alliance, including analyses of provider burnout across Alliance sites, quality improvement programs implemented across Alliance’s national health center network, and interventions to increase uptake of general health check visits at Alliance primary care sites. In his role as faculty in NUFSM’s General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Dr. Liss participates in the NP3 (The Northwestern Primary Care Practice Based Research Network) program, in which AllianceChicago also participates. Among other tasks, Dr. Liss will lead research proposal development, quantitative data analyses, and efforts to advance the NP3 research agenda. Dr. Liss will dedicate 30% effort to these projects.
Effective start/end date11/1/2110/31/23


  • AllianceChicago (Agmt 2-27-2023//5H2QCS33120‐03‐00)
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (Agmt 2-27-2023//5H2QCS33120‐03‐00)


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