Allstate Kellogg Online Nonprofit Leadership Program

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For this program, Kellogg would create 10 online modules (content details can be found in the full proposal). Each module would include advance reading material, lecture, exercises and discussion topics. There would be a written deliverable for each session, such as a case analysis or an application of the content to the leader’s own organization. For the deliverables, the faculty for the session would determine their own assignments for their content.

The participants in the Allstate Kellogg Nonprofit Online Leadership Program would have the opportunity to participate asynchronously in the modules, meaning they can watch the video module and participate in the exercises at the time most convenient to them. For those who want a deeper experience, Kellogg will offer discussion groups facilitated by a Kellogg academic moderator and set at specific times so that the participants can sign up for and engage in a robust online discussion with their peers. Depending on the module, the discussion groups may be segmented by key characteristics of the learners or their organizations. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to engage with each other one-on-one. Academic moderators will match participants to each other when requested to create a peer mentoring relationship.

To determine the impact of the online modules there would be pre- and post-session surveys given to each participant. These would test their pre-existing knowledge of the subject matter for the module they take and then see the immediate impact at the completion of the module. The participants would also take part in a survey to evaluate the program, the leadership, and their perceived impact on their knowledge. These surveys would then enable the Kellogg leaders to improve the program for future participants and further demonstrate to Allstate the value of their continued commitment and partnership with Kellogg Nonprofit Executive Education.
Effective start/end date1/1/1812/31/19


  • Allstate Foundation (AGMT 02/08/19)

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