Ambulatory Care-Based, Technology-Enabled Universal Medication Schedule Strategy to Promote Safe Use and Adherence to Complex Regimens

Project: Research project


Our overall objective for this pilot innovations project is to field test a multifaceted, primary care-based, highly scalable approach to managing medication complexity in the community through a Universal Medication Schedule (UMS).

Our project aims are to:

Aim 1. Disseminate and tailor an existing set of electronic health record (EHR) medication reconciliation, patient education, and regimen surveillance tools, guided by the UMS, to a federally qualified health center serving vulnerable patients with multiple chronic conditions (MCC).

Aim 2. Field test a multifaceted, EHR-enabled, UMS intervention among adults with MCC and evaluate its efficacy to: 1) improve patient regimen knowledge, 2) reduce discrepancies in the EHR, 3) simplify daily regimen schedules, 4) reduce unintentional medication misuse, and 5) increase adherence.

Aim 3. Investigate the fidelity of the UMS intervention and explore patient, healthcare provider, and healthcare system barriers to its proper implementation.
Effective start/end date5/1/1810/25/19


  • Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc. (REF ID# G1000288)


Ambulatory Care
Appointments and Schedules
Electronic Health Records
Medication Reconciliation
Patient Education
Health Personnel
Primary Health Care
Delivery of Health Care
Multiple Chronic Conditions