AMISS (Advanced Misinformation Influence Sentinel System)

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Dr. Erik C Nisbet is a co-principal investigator on the proposed project. He will coordinate and contribute to the OSU team performing natural language processing and classification of content collected from open sources to determine the presence/absence of COVID-19 misinformation. He will also lead the development of a predictive model of COVID-19 misinformation content attributes that predict social engagement on major social networking platforms. He will also contribute to the identification and integration of informational, political, social, economic, and cultural datasets containing misinformation-specific risk factors. He will contribute two summer months effort toward the project.
Effective start/end date11/17/2010/31/21


  • Ohio State University (GR121952 // 2020-20102000001)
  • Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (GR121952 // 2020-20102000001)


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