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Americans waste 20% of their electricity in their homes. Residents waste electricity due to
several reasons: vampire current, leaving lights on when not at home, leaving air conditioning on
when not in use, leaving the T.V on when no one is watching, and inefficient, old appliances.
Due to these factors residents waste 20% of their electricity at home and on average this wastage
amounts to $250 annually. Residents waste electricity because there is no transparency and
information on how appliances in their homes are consuming energy. When residents receive an
energy bill they are forced to pay the amount without any information regarding how much
electricity was consumed by each appliance in their home.
Our solution to this problem is an energy monitoring system which empowers residents to
control their energy consumption. The system is comprised of two components: smart circuit
breakers and the ampér hub. The smart circuit breakers replace existing circuit breakers and
measure electricity usage at the appliance and room level. The data collected is processed by our
algorithm to provide residents actionable advice to reduce their electricity bill. The ampér hub
serves multiple functions. First it relays the data from the smart circuit breakers to the cloud to be
processed by our algorithm. Second it allows residents to control appliances by sending data over
existing electrical wiring in the home. This provides plug-and-play functionality for appliances,
instead of setting up appliances or using wireless networks. The combination of our smart circuit
breakers and the ampér hub provide homeowners with an ecosystem that provides the tools to
truly control and optimize electricity consumption.
Effective start/end date4/1/1612/31/16


  • National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, Inc. (14568-16)


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