An Electronic Platform for Cognitive Assessment in Cancer Patients

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1. The subcontractor shall develop and provide a customized build of the NIH Toolbox Application that supports bi-directional capabilities. 2. The subcontractor shall provide a detailed report that documents software descriptions, data-structures and interfaces, and system architecture. 3. The subcontractor shall deliver a description of NIH Toolbox Application 4. The subcontractor shall deliver an example of a report generated by the NIH Toolbox App. (a text file or similar text format.) 5. The subcontractor shall deliver specifications of ‘The National Children's Study’. 6. The subcontractor shall deliver any information about potential commercialization. 7. The subcontractor shall participate in regular status meeting.
Effective start/end date9/19/166/18/17


  • Charles River Analytics Inc. (SC1520301//HHSN261201600060C)
  • National Cancer Institute (SC1520301//HHSN261201600060C)


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