An Individually Tailored, Family-Centered Intervention for Childhood Obesity: Connecting Services in Pediatric Primary Healthcare, the Home, and the Community.

  • Smith, J.D. (PD/PI)
  • Gallo, Carlos (Co-Investigator)
  • Jordan, Neil (Co-Investigator)

Project: Research project

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The Northwestern University site will be primarily responsible for implementation support of the FCU for obesity prevention (the FCU-HB) (including training, fidelity monitoring, strategies to address barriers), analysis of primary outcomes, automated coding of fidelity, and economic analyses. As PI for the Northwestern site, Dr. Smith will coordinate data transfer, provide oversight of the data manager, and collaborate onsite with Dr. Neil Jordan (Co-I) and Dr. Carlos Gallo (Co-I). He will be responsible for oversight of the certification process, ongoing consultation with FCU-HB coordinators, and the evaluation and ongoing monitoring of fidelity of implementation using the COACH. He will lead the analyses of program effectiveness using longitudinal methods the assessment of fidelity, which will be used clinically to inform supervision and remediation with FCU-HB coordinators, as indicated and will conduct the primary analyses of fidelity data including the internal consistency, reliability, and drift. Dr. Smith will also be responsible for the tracking and collection of costs related to the clinical delivery of the FCU-HB program, including training and delivery of the program using cost capture methods (the PACL), as well as the tracking of costs associated with fidelity monitoring and supervision of FCU-HB coordinators. Dr. Jordan will guide the development of cost capture templates and the data storage system in Y1. Drs. Smith and Jordan will be jointly responsible for overseeing the transfer of cost data from ASU to Northwestern with the assistance of a program assistant and a graduate intern. Dr. Jordan, with assistance and oversight from Dr. Smith, will then lead the analysis of cost data as described in the Specific Aims. Dr. Gallo will lead, with oversight from Dr. Smith, the application of automated fidelity coding methods to the FCU-HB. Dr. Smith will participate in weekly teleconference/videoconference meetings with the research team and with the clinical team at the various sites. He will also attend meetings of the Community Advisory Board and the Scientific Advisory Board. Quarterly, Dr. Smith will travel to ASU to meet with Dr. Berkel and the project staff in person, including the FCU-HB coordinators at PCH. Drs. Jordan and Gallo will join the quarterly meetings via teleconference.
Effective start/end date6/1/165/31/17


  • Arizona State University (16-955 // 1U18DP006255-01)
  • National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (16-955 // 1U18DP006255-01)


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