An investigation of the impact of culture and experience on reasoning about complex ecological phenomena among students from diverse backgrounds

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Dr. Megan Bang’s responsibilities: • Dr. Bang will lead and manage all aspects of the project. • She will participate in weekly project management meetings, design meetings, and research meetings. • She will help to design accompanying studies including developing analytical processes and coding schemes. • Dr. Bang will aid in disseminating the research through co-authoring publications and presentations. • She will attend regular PI and co-PI meetings that includes Dr. Medin and Dr. Barajas-Lopez. • This project is occuring in two locations (Seattle and Chicago). Dr. Bang will travel between locations to ensure overall project success. Thius includes her particiaption in the summer implementation in Seattle and Chicago. Project deliverables overall that Dr. Bang is responsible for: This project includes two interrelated panels of studies and is designed to expand knowledge about human cognition of (complex) ecosystems and the affordances of informal STEM learning environments in developing and supporting the critical 21st century skill of ecological systems level reasoning. Panel 1 consists of a series of experiments focused on ecological cognition and the role of humans in nature, and panel 2 consists of design-based research interventions in informal settings focused on ecological systems level thinking and socio-environmental decision making. Based on results from these panels, the project will produce three main deliverables: 1) foundational knowledge about human learning and reasoning and ecosystems and environmental decision making, 2) culturally responsive models of learning and practice about complex ecosystems for indoors and outdoors informal learning environments, and 3) insights about research-practice-community partnerships with around critical 21st century issues.
Effective start/end date9/1/188/31/23


  • National Science Foundation (DRL-1946478)


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