Analysis of lamin-chromatin interactions and their regulation of chromosome organization and gene expression

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Drs. Zheng’s and Goldman’s joint proposed research integrates super resolution imaging of the nuclear lamins with the study of the interactions of lamins with interphase chromatin and the effects of lamins on chromatin organization. The best way to achieve this endeavor is by having two PIs, each with a particular knowledge base.

Robert Goldman, will serve as Principal Investigator for Northwestern University. Dr. Goldman will coordinate with Dr. Zheng in the design and analysis of all experiments as well as the presentation and publication of the results of the proposed studies. His lab will focus on the use of super-resolution microscopy to study the assembly, structures and interactions of the A and B type nuclear lamins and the interactions of the lamins with chromatin.
Effective start/end date4/1/1712/31/21


  • Carnegie Institution of Washington (5-10742-01//5R01GM106023-08)
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences (5-10742-01//5R01GM106023-08)


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