Anesthesia-induced learning deficiency and brain hyperoxia

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For the proposed research, our role at Northwestern will have two components. For the first two years, measurements will be made at NorthShore of oxygen levels in the brain of rabbits. The experiments themselves will take place in NorthShore research labs, but we will participate by constructing and testing the necessary electrodes, participating in all experiments involving brain oxygen measurements on the rabbits, in collaboration with Dr. Aksenov, maintaining experiment records and analyzing data. Dr. Andrey Dmitriev, from Dr. Linsenmeier’s lab, will be primarily responsible for these day to day operational and technical aspects. He has expertise in recordings similar to these. Dr. Linsenmeier’s role will be to supervise Dr. Dmitriev in his roles, assist Dr. Aksenov and Dr. Wyrwicz in planning and interpreting experiments, assist on an occasional basis with experiments, debug any experimental aspects as needed, provide input on the literature on oxygen measurements as they apply to the brain, and collaborate in writing papers and presenting the work at conferences. We expect that the part of the project involving oxygen recordings will take the first two years, and are requesting funds for Dr. Dmitriev during that time. Dr. Dmitriev is currently employed only at 75% time by Northwestern to work on Dr. Linsenmeier’s active R01 grant, so he has adequate capacity to do this. After the first two years, we do not expect Dr. Dmitriev to be involved in experiments. Dr. Linsenmeier will continue his role in collaborating on experimental design, interpretation and dissemination of the work for the duration of the project.
Effective start/end date8/15/168/31/19


  • NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute (EH16-011-S1 // 5R01GM112715-03)
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences (EH16-011-S1 // 5R01GM112715-03)


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