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    In each selection round the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grants up to
    eight Anneliese Maier Research Awards funded by the Federal Ministry of
    Education and Research to outstanding researchers from abroad in all fields
    of the humanities, social science, cultural science, law and economics to
    promote research collaboration with specialist colleagues in Germany,
    contributing towards the further internationalisation of the humanities and
    social sciences in Germany. The award funds are
    at the award winners' disposal to finance research collaborations with
    specialist colleagues in Germany for a period of five years immediately
    following the conferment of award. As a matter of principle, an extension of
    the funding period is not intended.Apart from reports on work carried out and results achieved (cf. Regulations
    on the Use of Funds, VIII.), towards the end of the funding period, the
    Alexander von Humboldt Foundation asks the award winners to submit a
    short, informal report including information on the scientific collaboration with
    their partner institution in Germany, contacts to other research institutions as
    well as the award winners' and their families' personal impressions of their
    stay in Germany. Comparisons with the situation in their own country are
    particularly interesting. Any suggestions about further development of the
    Anneliese Maier Research Award and other sponsorship programmes are
    Effective start/end date9/1/181/31/23


    • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Agmt 04/25/19)


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