Application for grant to support a Northwestern University reading group to be pursued in conjunction with students and faculty from Loyola University Chicago

  • Kiesling, L. Lynne (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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The reading group will be composed of approximately 16 students from both Northwestern University and Loyola University Chicago. Meetings will take place on or near the campuses of Northwestern University or Loyola University Chicago, on an alternating basis. Meetings will be led by Professor Lynne Kiesling (Northwestern), Professor Alexei Marcoux (Loyola), or both. Two meetings will be devoted to exploring Frederic Bastiat’s The Law. Five meetings will be devoted to exploring Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom.
Effective start/end date3/1/139/30/13


  • Anonymous Foundation (VIII) (Letter 03/14/2013)


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