Asian American Political Activism: Mobilizing Group Identities

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Broadly speaking, this project seeks to advance our understanding of group identities as
a mobilizing tool among Asian Americans on issue-based political actions. Drawing on a
combination of in-depth interview and experimental data, the study goals are twofold. First, I
will investigate which group identities are effective in mobilizing Asian Americans to
participate outside of electoral politics on a range of issues, why and for whom some group
identities are more effective than others, and how this varies across issues. Second, I will
examine the conditions under which group identities can mobilize Asian Americans to take
action on issues that especially bear on the potential for political work within Asian
communities in the U.S. and with other communities of color. Importantly, this project
recognizes that community-based organizations and grassroots activists can bring valuable
insights to bear toward advancing these aims, and I seek to partner with those working on the
ground in Asian American communities.
Effective start/end date5/1/194/30/21


  • Social Science Research Council (Agmt. 04/12/15)
  • Carnegie Corporation of New York (Agmt. 04/12/15)


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