Assessing and improving migrant workers' access to and utilization of health information and resources

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In this study, we aim to ascertain migrant workers’ health beliefs and attitudes including, whether and how they seek medical care when they are ill. We also would like to discover whether migrant workers are utilizing the free health care services provided through the Hamad Medical Card and/or resources provided through their company. Anecdotal evidence and our pilot project indicate they are not using health resources often, resulting in lower health levels. Also, we will investigate which sport, physical activity and leisure time opportunities migrant workers believe are available and if they participate, as preventive health measures are important parts of overall health. Based on the results of this formative research, we will plan and execute a message campaign designed to increase migrant workers’ awareness and utilization of health resources including what is available to them via insurance plans like the Hamad Medical Card. We will also seek to increase awareness of the importance of sport and physical activity for leisure time activities, to improve wellbeing and morale.
Effective start/end date5/31/1711/30/18


  • Qatar National Research Fund (UREP20-121-5-027)


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