Assessing Qatari emerging media engagement: A study of how AR, VR, and other emerging media are being utilized in Qatar

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This project builds on our previous research by seeking to look deeply at Qatar's relationship with the world in light of technological innovations. Qatar-based media and communications organizations such as Al Jazeera have put substantial resources into new English-language platforms such as podcasting, through a channel called Jetty, and a VR studio, Contrast, in NYC. AJ+ is a digital brand that now has a footprint in many countries and languages including English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Other media entities, such as Doha Debates, are developing innovative approaches to media content. Our scientific objective is to deliver research that advances our broad work into Qatar-based media innovation but also serves to deepen the country's reputation and engagement in the media space. The project team will accomplish this through a three-part, three-year research approach.
Effective start/end date1/5/202/5/23


  • Qatar National Research Fund (NPRP 12S-0227-190165)


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