Assessing the Qatari news media’s capacities for fostering public understanding of and engagement with science: Issues, challenges, opportunities and their socio-political implications

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The following research project seeks to assess existing media capabilities in the public communication of science in Qatar. Our study aims to produce a comprehensive body of knowledge about key skills, expertise and resources that are, (or are not), available in Qatar for the media to act as a central force in promoting and enhancing science literacy among Qatari publics. It focuses on what professional capabilities of Qatari science journalism/journalists have, and need to have, in order to be able to accurately report on, and effectively engage, lay audiences with scientific discoveries and issues, including global science controversies. Of this study’s central focus are the practical opportunities and challenges that are presented to Qatari news media in building their professional capabilities to make a vital contribution to the enhancement of public understanding of, and engagement with, science. By professional capacities, we are referring to the ability of journalists to access, analyze, evaluate and produce science news content in a variety of forms.
Effective start/end date1/1/2012/1/22


  • Qatar National Research Fund (NPRP12S-0317-190381)


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