Assuring Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment for Families Affected by HIV to Eliminate Perinatal HIV Transmission in the United States

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Project Purpose: This project aims to maintain the gains in the prevention of perinatal HIV transmission and to improve the healthcare for women, children and families affected by HIV. CityMatCH and Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative (PACPI) will work together to update the Framework for the Elimination of Mother to Child (EMCT) HIV transmission, work with local and state jurisdictions to develop strategies to describe progress in elimination of perinatal HIV infection, convene a stakeholders group to implement the updated Framework, and develop broad educational and best-practice-sharing networks. Brief Description of Proposed Project: CityMatCH and PACPI will jointly conduct the strategies and activities for this project related to updating the EMCT Framework, developing surveillance strategies, convening the EMCT Stakeholder Group, and providing educational events to public health and clinical care audiences. In addition, Chad Abresch, Executive Director of CityMatCH and Anne Statton, Executive Director of PACPI, will co-lead the EMCT Leadership Council. The Leadership Council, comprised of a group of perinatal HIV and MCH experts, will ensure a careful and strategic transition into a new phase of perinatal HIV prevention. The Council will act as key advisors for all strategies of the project, including: updating the EMCT Framework, developing new surveillance strategies, developing new and/or improved clinical strategies, integrating mental health and substance abuse into HIV care and addressing health equity issues. Outcomes: Short-Term Outcomes: 1. Increase awareness among clinicians of the updated EMCT Framework; 2. Increase number of state and local health departments describing progress in elimination of perinatal HIV infections; 3. Increase knowledge among providers about the interaction of HIV care of adults and prevention of perinatal HIV transmission Intermediate Outcome: Maintain the gains in prevention of perinatal HIV transmission.
Effective start/end date9/29/175/31/22


  • University of Nebraska Medical Center (34-5311-3020-005//5NU65PS923665-05-00 AMD 5)
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (34-5311-3020-005//5NU65PS923665-05-00 AMD 5)


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