ATF: The use of mass spectrometry to identify contact allergens in shoes

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Shoes are a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD). Allergens may be present in a variety of materials used in shoes, including leather tanning agents, adhesives, plastic, rubber, dyes, and preservatives. For patients with allergies to cosmetic ingredients, the American Contact Dermatitis Society’s (ACDS) Contact Allergen Management Program (CAMP) provides a detailed safe product list. However, for individuals with clothing allergies, identifying safe products can be challenging. Based on the results of the CAMP and North American Contact Dermatitis Groups, carbamates, thiurams, colophony, and PTBP-FR were more common shoe allergens than thioureas or black rubber. These are also the hardest allergens to avoid in shoes. As such, we are interested in investigating if carbamates, thiurams, colophony, and PTBP-FR are present in the above shoe brands. Chromates in shoes are easier to avoid since there are many available shoes made using vegan leather.
Effective start/end date4/1/213/31/22


  • American Contact Dermatitis Society (Award Letter 12/2/20)


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