Awareness and Access to Care for Children and Youth with Epilepsy

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Subsite members agree to provide the following scope of work: 1. Participate In QI Networks. a. The Quality Improvement (QI) network will include all participating clinical sites, including pediatric and adult primary health care providers, neurologists, family members, youth with epilepsy, and other key stakeholders such as community-based organizations serving Children and Youth with Epilepsy (CYE) in the underserved area. b. The consortium will provide training, support and technical support to the network on ways to enhance care for CYE. c. All sites will actively participate in development and implementation of QI projects established through the network over the course of the grant funding period. d. At least 50% completion/participation rate for Faculty/Physicians regarding the provider surveys for this project. e. At 50% participation rate in Quality Improvement and Educational meetings. 2. Facilitate Partnerships in the Network a. Identify a team lead and healthcare professional to lead the project at your site. b. In conjunction with Lurie Children’s as the grant recipient, identify and facilitate collaborative efforts between clinical sites and additional stakeholder groups that serve CYE in the target area that share the goal of improving access to care for CYE and their families. c. Collaborate with individuals and organizations that support medically underserved populations, which include those in rural communities, racial-ethnic minority and low, socio-economic populations, and those with complex health needs and limited functional status to address disparities experienced by CYE. 3. Establish and Participate in the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan a. In conjunction with Lurie Children’s as the grant recipient, participate in development and implementation of all monitoring and evaluation activities established through the network and help with sustainability. 4. All network participants agree to the primary goals, measurable outcomes and roles and responsibilities: a. By 2023, increase access to care for CYE in the target population through telehealth strategies by 25%. b. By 2023, have 90% of families in the target population reporting that they are partners in shared-decision making in their child’s care. c. By 2023, increase the number of completed health care transition readiness assessments of youth (ages 14-22) with epilepsy in the target population by 75%. d. By 2023, increase the number of participating primary care providers who report increased communication, collaboration and co-management with specialty providers by 40%.
Effective start/end date9/1/208/31/23


  • Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago (901579 - NU//5 H98MC332370300)
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (901579 - NU//5 H98MC332370300)


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