Barriers to Intergenerational Flow of School-taught Agricultural Knowledge in Liberia

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Through Professor Christopher Udry at Northwestern University, I became acquainted with Mr. Trent McKnightin October 2018, who is currently the founder of AgriCorps (an NGO that promotes the American model of school-based agricultural education in the world) and a past president of Future Farmers of America (an organizationthat provides experiential learning and leadership opportunities for high school students in the United States).With a group of American agricultural education professionals training local extension officers and science teachers,AgriCorps has been piloting the model of school-based agricultural education in Ghana and Liberia since 2014. Thisincludes solid partnerships with local governments and agricultural research institutes. Mr. McKnight was keen indeveloping a randomized experiment among Liberian junior high schools that would help evaluate the impacts of aschool-based agricultural education program, and thus reached out to Professor Christopher Udry.Under this collaboration two research projects are gradually developed:(1) A randomized evaluation of the impacts of 4-H Liberia (school-based agricultural education program), withrandomization of program offers at the school level(2) A project (currently proposed to the Weiss Fund) that studies the barriers to intergenerational flow of school-taught modern agricultural knowledge, with randomization of treatments at the student level
Effective start/end date6/10/2012/31/23


  • The University of Chicago (#NWU-005)
  • Child Relief International Foundation (#NWU-005)


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