Baylis Medical Cardiology and effective treatment of cardiac pathology

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Baylis Medical cardiology devices are used to facilitate the safe and effective treatment of cardiac pathology. Baylis devices achieve this in a number of ways, including facilitating access to the areas of the heart targeted for therapy, and providing protection and monitoring of surrounding tissue such as the esophagus and the phrenic nerve. The purpose of this project is to provide training to cardiologists (including cardiac electrophysiologists, interventional cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeons) on transseptal approach and on specialized access to the endocardial and epicardial surface of the heart. This project will occur when training sessions are necessary. Physicians utilize the transseptal approach or specialized access for certain cardiac procedures as a means of gaining access to the left atrium or epicardial surface of the heart. This approach is used often by electrophysiologists and Interventional Cardiologist specifically as they need access to the left atrium or epicardium. Thus, this training course serves as an important learning environment for cardiologists to practice transseptal and specialized access techniques. It will also provide the physicians with hands on experience working with the various catheters, needles, sheaths, imaging equipment and 3D mapping systems needed for these types of procedures. While surgical approaches are still utilized today for cardiac ablation and structural heart procedures, percutaneous approaches have proven to be much less invasive and have dramatically increased the population eligible for non-pharmacologic therapy. Presently, there is rapid expansion and development of catheters, mapping systems, and ablation technologies and approaches, and only continued animal research/teaching can further this growth.
Effective start/end date6/1/2212/31/22


  • Baylis Medical Company, Inc. (Agmt 12/22/2022)


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