BD Spokes: SPOKE: MIDWEST: Collaborative: Integrative Materials Design (IMaD): Leverage, Innovate, & Disseminate

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The three-part mission of the NSF Big Data Spoke on Integrative Materials Design IMaD) will be to: a. Leverage the expertise, facilities, and services available through a consortium of academic and government collaborators. b. Innovate via MDF’s Big Data approaches and solutions to advance materials designs for the aeronautics and automotive sectors. c. Disseminate distributed and distinct Midwest materials data resources to increase access and reuse of valuable materials data assets. PIs Voorhees, Olson and Agrawal as well as Senior Personnel Laura Bartolo will work with other IMaD PIs and Senior Personnel on the mission of the collaborative BD Spoke. The work will include participation in monthly one-hour teleconference calls as well as attendance at face-to-face meetings to be held twice a year that will rotate among the collaborating institutions and the annual BDH meetings. Senior Personnel Laura Bartolo will direct the work of the Medill School of Journalism MSJ Intern to use digital and new media to collect, aggregate, disseminate, and promote the work of the institutions as part of the collaborative BD IMaD Spoke.
Effective start/end date2/15/171/31/22


  • National Science Foundation (IIS-1636909)


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