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Northwestern and/or its Partners will provide the following deliverables as they relate to the technical platform, Tableau, online learning opportunities and implementation support (“services”): Technology Platform • Northwestern will host Big Thought’s publicly-facing COL Website using the URL provided by Big Thought • Northwestern will provide an instance of the COL Platform to power the COL website which will included the functionality listed in the attached feature list and a revised mingle board that will be paired down to only include cards the development team believes can be completed for the COL 1.0 MVP. • The COL platform provided by Northwestern will include a content management tool to allow Big Thought to directly manage their COL website’s content and branding. Tableau • Northwestern will provide Big Thought with access to the COL Tableau Server. • The COL Tableau Server will have near real-time access to all Project Data from the COL platform. Big Thought will be able to download all data related to their city from the Tableau Server. • Northwestern will work with tableau to implement roles that have different levels of data access based upon the need-to-know to achieve the purposes of this Agreement. • Big Thought will have the ability to provide organizational-level access to the COL Tableau Server. (As of the Effective Date of the Agreement, there is not a limit on the number of accounts per city, however, based upon usage and server performance a cap may have to be provided. Northwestern does not anticipate this being an issue.) • Big Thought will control the granting access and permission level for their city. • Northwestern will provide online access to a standard data dashboard via Tableau that displays visualizations of Project Data relating to program offerings, user participation, and badge activity. These visualizations will be developed in collaboration with a representative of Big Thought. Online Learning Opportunities • Northwestern will provide Big Thought with a catalogue of online learning opportunities from which Big Thought can select to have Northwestern deploy on Big Thought instance of the COL platform. • Northwestern will provide online assessors for student submitted work for online challenges created by Northwestern. Submissions assessed will be capped at five thousand (5,000) for the Term of the Agreement. • Big Thought is responsible for assessing any submissions for online challenges created by Big Thought. Implementation Support • Northwestern will provide the customer service and support ticket software provider, Zendesk, to power the customer support tracking and will directly manage and pay for the Zendesk license. • Big Thought is responsible for initial review and routing of support requests. • Northwestern will communicate with designated Big Thought employee(s) to address technical issues received through the centralized help desk.
Effective start/end date10/9/173/31/19


  • Big Thought (Agmt 10/9/2017)
  • John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (Agmt 10/9/2017)


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