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Northwestern and/or its Partners will provide the following deliverables as they relate to the technical platform, Tableau, online learning opportunities and implementation support ("Services"): Platform Agreements Features COL Platform will be delivered with all live features and updates current as of March 31, 2019. New features to be added will be scheduled to proceed the close of the summer session: • Monthly (tracking and reporting)….Row level dosage by way of student attendance (i.e. check-ins) o Update roster upload templates to accommodate bulk rostering of attendance data o Update step-by-step instructions and Zendesk articles regarding rostering including versions for the anchor organization and for their organizational partners. o Include new attendance field in relevant data exports and tableau visualizations. • Ensure current and future badges are upgradeable to Open Badges 2.0 Final Specification (OBv2). o The Open Badges 2.0 Final Specification can be found here: o DYN will add features that will support Open Badges 2.0 (OBv2) compliant publishing of Badge Definitions (BadgeClasses), Issued Badges (Assertions), Partners (Profiles), Learners (Identities) and other entities needed to present OBv2 online versions of existing and future L3 badges. o Assertions will also be exportable as baked images per the OBv2 specification. o Identities for under 13 learners whose accounts reference dummy emails will be based on UUIDs generated by and stored in the L3 platform. o These features will go live on the platform as part of the public learner profile functionality to be made live in the Fall of 2019. Training Training will be occur before the start of summer with the scope specified below. Provide Zendesk training • Establish an agent within the Big Thought organization. • Adjust Zendesk deliverables (articles, assets and/or copy) to be customizable by Big Thought. Provide L3 Training • Training on new features and settings. • Training on org dashboard • Training on challenge creation. Hosting • This proposal requires use of the COL Platform as a Saas solution with the Dallas instance being hosted by DYN. • Website • Assets • User • Artifacts and user generate content • SSL • Email • SMS Engine Fixes • Critical engine bug fixes will be pushed to the staging environment automatically; documentation will be emailed to the Zendesk agent and other appropriate recipients. • After 2 days, or sooner by request, critical engine bug fixes will be pushed to the production environment. New Features, Updates, Front End Bug Fixes • DYN will push new L3 Platform features, enhancements and hotfixes after routine unit, regression and integration testing; deployed updates go live on staging Dallas COL and then to the production environment. • DYN will notify Big Thought at least one week ahead of planned staging updates and Big Thought will then have one week to request a hold on deploying updates from staging to production. • DYN will supply the Zendesk agent with appropriate documentation. • Live customizations may affect the deployment of features Customization • DYN will provide access to the content management system, ModX. • Based on the technical ability of Big Thought, together we will establish a process for customization that allows changes to be versioned (i.e. Github repository) or backed up on separate accessible resource. • The initial process will be weekly or monthly database backups. • fu
Effective start/end date4/1/193/31/20


  • Big Thought (Agmt 09/20/19)


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